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Shahar Marcus


Little is a programming language I wrote, and it's goal is to teach children how to program, in an easy and accessible way.

You can write it's source code in whatever language you'd like to write in - english, spanish, hebrew or arabic - and you'd still be able to run it :)

as of today (25th April, 2023), The language's development has finished, and it supports pretty much everything any programming language support, with some extra features on top :)
Check out the cool stuff below ↓, and try out the language with the i/o on the side →


EZWorksheet is an app, providing a bridge between physical & online schoolwork by digitalizing worksheets & workbooks.

back in october of 2021, a couple of months after I started programming, I had an idea, that I thought may actually help me get rid of the need to fill out boring, repetative worksheets. Back then, I thought I would be able to complete it by 1st September, 2022, but I didnt expect the amount of work that had to be done for the app to be completely done, and at the end of the day, i released a beta version with a bunch of improvements, which im pretty proud of myself of :).

As of Today (), the currently released version is:

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