This page is an early indicator the EZWorksheet app is getting worked on :).

Right now, the current version is:


What is this version thing?

Y-x.x.x Indicates a build version:
alpha means the application is in a usable, but in an early stage of development.
beta means the application is closer to release, but still has some quirks.
rc means the application is very close to official release, and is pretty much fully usable, maybe missing some features.
No prefix means the application is officialy released.
x-Y.x.x Indicates a major versions - that means a large enough change was made to the app's code that it's no longer compatible with previous versions.
x-x.Y.x Indicates a minor version - that means a large, or medium change was made for the app, usually adding new features. Previous versions are still compatible.
x-x.x.Y Indicates a patch version - that means a small change was made to the app, usually being a bug fix, or a new feature. Previous versions are still compatible.

What is EZWorksheet?

EZWorksheet is an app that lets you take worksheets in multiple formats (image, pdf, docx) and complete them, just like you would on paper - with text boxes placed where you need to type. The app also lets you group those pages into workbooks of specific subjects, allowing the app to be an all-in-one solution for mess involving school worksheets :).

The app can also replace your notebook, as it offers drawing & page creation capabilities. You can utilize the file types this application supports to save worksheets/lots of pages in the compact and quality "oriented" .ezw format, or use the portable, workbook (.wb) format to store many pages as groups for certine subjects (for example, you can create a workbook for English, in which you can have a front cover, worksheets, images and regular notebook pages)


alpha-1.0.0 July 9th, 2022 alpha

  • Initial alpha release
  • added basic UI for drawing and choosing colors
  • added a basic line detection algorithm for detecting lines inside pages
  • app infrastructure

alpha-1.0.1 July 13th, 2022 alpha

  • Fixed first line getting clipped when pressing enter
  • Fixed unusually tall text fields from being genereated

alpha-1.1.0 July 17th, 2022 alpha

  • Page Reader:
    • Now works a lot faster - 2s down to 0.225s
    • Fixed extra lines being wrongly detected
    • The reader should now detect curved/skewed lines
  • Fixed text fields from lagging when typing lots of characters
  • File saving now works in a web page
  • Text fields now have additional controls:
    • Resizing
    • Rotating
    • Moving
    • Matching text size
  • Added Remove Last Page option in File menu
  • Added infrastructure for Autosave
  • Added text placing functionality
  • history tab's code has been refined to work faster with larger histories
  • Added Text to the history tab

alpha-1.2.0 August 7th alpha

  • Sidebar:
    • remove show/hide arrow
    • position is now fixed
    • Toolbox is now layed down horizontally, with a 6*2 grid
    • Fixed weird gap between the menu and the sidebar
    • Fixed blue borders showing up
    • all "boxes" are now lined up, should have the same width and border
  • changed traces to warnings when using unimplemented features
  • fixed slowdowns when opening a new page
  • Attributes Tab
  • Added Global variables for editing default text properties
  • Text:
    • Added Dimensions field (width x height)
    • Added Font, Font Size and Font Style properties
    • Added Alignment property
    • Added (unimplemented) Colors property (for background & text color)
  • Color Picker
    • Added (unimplemented) Color box
    • Added RGB value (settable too)
    • Added HSV (or HSB) value (setable)
  • Added Create Worksheet menu item
  • Added Create Page menu item
  • Fixed eraser using the wrong image for erasing
  • Automatic font adding - to add a custom font, go to the fonts folder and put your custom font there
  • Fixed sidebar not resizing to the correct height when resizing the window
  • Fixed sidebar being wrongly positioned

beta-1.0.0 August 16th beta

  • First Beta Release :D
  • For Bug Reports, you can (and should) open an issue on The EZWorksheet-Evolution page
  • Changed target build platform from native targets to electron. that means Right-To-Left text support, added support for printing and pdf exports
  • Implemented the EZW File format, allows for:
    • saving history.
    • saving text fields as text, not as images.
    • saving dynamic shapes as shapes, not images.
    • smaller file size.
    • Higher quality graphics then saving/loading from/to images.
    • Vector graphics for everything (excluding the page's background image, the image is saved as a png).
    • save an entire worksheet in one file, instead of one file per page.
  • History tab Refactored:
    • Performance should be better.
    • Fixed one item remaining on the page when the history is cleared.
    • Added more icons, created shapes should now appear in history.
  • Changed some tooltips to better match their usage
  • Open Folder changed to Open Worksheet
  • Save Document changed to Save Worksheet
  • Implemented Open Worksheet
  • Implemented Export EZW
  • Implemented Export PDF
  • Implemented Redo
  • Implemented Undo
  • Implemented Send To Printer
  • Implemented Zoom In
  • Implemented Zoom Out
  • Implemented Zoom to Fit
  • Implemented Zoom 100%
  • Implemented Fullscreen
  • Implemented Revert Changes
  • Fixed drawing outside the page allowed on large drawing sizes
  • Fixed text fields and shapes drawn outside the page
  • Fixed background text being exposed when pages are added
  • Fixed generated/previously added text being unmodifiable by the attributes tab
  • Fixed some unimplemented features not throwing warnings when used
  • Fixed pages being rendered at incorrect positions
  • Fixed crash when removing the last page if no page exists
  • Fixed unexpected drawing behaviour when drawing on top of a text field/shape
  • Fixed line drawing angle not updating when drawing outside of the page
  • Fixed Save Worksheet not doing anything sometimes
  • Higher FPS target 60 changed to 120, drawing and dragging things should be smoother
  • Coloring:
    • Color selectors implemented for text, color picker, shape.
    • Added Transparency value.
    • Removed the color wheel at the bottom left corner.
    • Added updated in-real-time properties for the color picker: RGB, Hex, HSV.
  • Added Shapes Interface, now supports:
    • Outline Type.
    • Outline Corner Style.
    • Outline Joint Style.
    • Outline Color.
    • Shape Color.
    • Outline Thickness.
    • Smoothing (antialiasing).
  • Drawing:
    • Added line drawing capabilities:
      • Dotted line.
      • Solid line.
      • Dashed line.
      • Double Line.
      • No Outline (None).
    • Added shapes, currently available:
      • rectangle.

beta-1.0.1 August 20th beta

  • Fixed text disappearing when placing it for the first time
  • First text positions glitching when over shapes
  • Removed history saving, never worked, and shouldnt for performance reasons
  • Fixed texts and shapes rendering outside pages
  • Fixed texts and shapes not following the mouse when outside the page
  • Fixed shapes getting wider when dragged outside the page
  • Fixed textfields getting "skinnier" when saved to an ezw file
  • Fixed fonts not being selected correctly for textfields
  • History:
    • Added Shape Resizing.
    • Added Shape Dragging.
    • Added Text Resizing.
    • Added Text Dragging.
    • Added Text Rotating.

beta-1.0.2 August 22nd beta

  • Shapes:
    • Added Circle.
    • Added Triangle.
    • Added FreeForm (multiple lines joined together).
  • History re-managed, new events added:
    • Added Moved Joint.
    • Added Moved Control Point.
  • some optimizations to the way .ezw files are parsed, from now on, all versions should support old .ezw files.
  • Shapes are now movable by pressing the arrow buttons
  • Shapes are now resizable by pressing ctrl + the arrow buttons
  • fixed exaggerated horizontal scroll